ALLIUM SCHOENOPRASUM, Wild Chives 3.5" pots

ALLIUM SCHOENOPRASUM, Wild Chives 3.5" pots
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Perennial found mostly through the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest along streambanks and in moist meadows.  Rhizomatous, forming dense clumps of narrow, hollow leaves up to 22" tall.  Both leaves and flowers are edible and used fresh or dried.  Closely related to garlic, shallot, leeks and scallions. A great companion plant to help ward off pests in the garden.  Blooms pink from June through August.

  • Berries: no
  • Drought Tolerant: somewhat
  • Evergreen: no
  • Flower Color: pink
  • Mature Height: up to 22"
  • Sunshine: full sun
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