Native Roots ERIGERON GLAUCUS, Seaside Daisy 3.5" pot

Native Roots ERIGERON GLAUCUS, Seaside Daisy 3.5" pot
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When you think of the beaches of the inland lakes and streams...well, you probably don't!  But that might be different if Seaside Daisies were growing there.  It could happen!  

The compact, mounded plants display, face up, a profusion of composite daisy flowers having light-lavender ray petals radiating from a yellow disc.  The plants are uniform, medium green and require little water.  Perfect for mass planting.

Being selected for cold hardiness and compactness from a patch of Seaside Daisies grown in the clay soils found near Aberdeen, ID has yielded a plant that can survive the temperature extremes of the intermountain region.  

  • Drought Tolerant: yes
  • Evergreen: no
  • Flower Color: light lavender with a yellow center
  • Mature Height: 10" tall, 16-24" spread
  • Sunshine: part shade to full sun
  • USDA Zone: zone 4
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