PINUS EDULIS, Pinyon Pine 8 cubic inch plug

PINUS EDULIS, Pinyon Pine 8 cubic inch plug
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A 10 to 20 foot tall tree, growing in a pyramidal or spreading shape. New growth is bluish-green turning yellowish-green on 1-2" needles. Pinyon pine usually grows on the higher elevation sites in the pinyon-juniper woodlands it occupies, including the high plains, plateaus, mesas, canyons, foothills, and lower mountain slopes between ponderosa pine and submontane scrub above, and semiarid grassland or sagebrush steppe below. The trees yield edible pine nuts, which were a staple of the Native Americans, and are still widely eaten.

  • Drought Tolerant: yes
  • Evergreen: yes
  • Flowers, Berries or Seeds: edible seeds
  • Mature Height: 30'
  • Sunshine: full
  • USDA Zone: 3
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