Thorn Creek DIVERSITY Wildflower Mix - 1/2lb

Thorn Creek DIVERSITY Wildflower Mix - 1/2lb
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 A specially selected wildflower mix, made up of species that call Paradise Ridge home.  And it's not just a catchy name - This blend has a more diverse blend than the Foundation mix! Each of these species have been identified, collected and increase right on the Ridge south of Moscow, Idaho.  A truly native mix sure to add color to any landscape.


The Diversity Mix includes the following:  Little Sunflower, Blanketflower, Nineleaf Lomatium, Arrowleaf Balsamroot, Large-flowered agoseris, Silky Lupine, Lewis Flax "Whitman", Fern-leaf Lomatium, Oregon Sunshine, Showy Milkweed, Elkhorn Clarkia, Oregon Checkermallow, Taperleaf Penstemon, Western Aster, Tall Cinquefoil, Missouri Goldenrod, Western Yarrow and Roundleaf Alumroot.

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